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What Do I Choose?

  • CPGA (Canada Professional Golfer’s Association) professionals are highly skilled and offer unique programs and lessons in your community.
  • CPGA Class “A” is the Highest Teaching Level position approved by PGA.
  • National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)
  • PGM (Professional Golf Management) Program
  • Safety is not guaranteed but could be minimized.
  • Lesson at the Safety Lesson Zones
  • More than 20 year Coaching Experience
  • Safety issues educated by Classes and Seminars
  • Occupational First Aid Level 1
  • Red Cross First Aid & CPR/AED level C
  • 10 year Golf Coaching experience
  • Blenkinsop Driving Range from 2008
  • Oxford Golf & Resort Country Club, Pune, India in 2015/2016
  • Ardmore Golf Course in 2015
  • CPGA Class “A” member in 2013
  • CPGA Class “B” member in 2008
  • Level III CGTF/USGTE in 2005

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4 Basic Elements

  • Grip, Address, Aim, and Alignment

Swing Path

  • Right! Pro Golfers have their own swing paths.
  • Still, Golfers have been looking for their Swing Paths.
  • Yes, there is A Standard/Proper Swing Path

Short Game

  • Some players like 100 yard distance rather than 50 yard distance.
  • The shorter, the easier I believe


  • Golf beginners can use Putter well without Putting lesson.
  • However, Low handicapper can not play well with Low Putting Skill

Enjoy Golf!

  • Some golfers enjoy Golf with spending money.
  • Some golfers make money with all efforts.
  • Not only play well but also enjoy well.
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