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What Do I Choose?

  • CPGA (Canada Professional Golfer’s Association) professionals are highly skilled and offer unique programs and lessons in your community.
  • CPGA Class “A” is the Highest Teaching Level position approved by PGA.
  • National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)
  • PGM (Professional Golf Management) Program
  • Safety is not guaranteed but could be minimized.
  • Lesson at the Safety Lesson Zones
  • More than 20 year Coaching Experience
  • Safety issues educated by Classes and Seminars
  • Occupational First Aid Level 1
  • Red Cross First Aid & CPR/AED level C
  • 10 year Golf Coaching experience
  • Blenkinsop Driving Range from 2008
  • Oxford Golf & Resort Country Club, Pune, India in 2015/2016
  • Ardmore Golf Course in 2015
  • CPGA Class “A” member in 2013
  • CPGA Class “B” member in 2008
  • Level III CGTF/USGTE in 2005

Back to Basic

4 Basic Elements

  • Grip, Address, Aim, and Alignment

Swing Path

  • Right! Pro Golfers have their own swing paths.
  • Still, Golfers have been looking for their Swing Paths.
  • Yes, there is A Standard/Proper Swing Path

Short Game

  • Some players like 100 yard distance rather than 50 yard distance.
  • The shorter, the easier I believe


Recommend how to set up for practice in your home

  1. Find around 2 ~4 meters of a flat and straight path
  2. Decide a middle point 1 meter apart from the starting point.
  3. Build a narrow path made by two blocks like a bottle.
  4. Try to pass the path and reach to the end.

Some Tips

  1. The more success rate to pass, the narrower the path
  2. Different sounds of bottles would make you keep your head
  3. It is good practice for your confidence of your short stroke
  4. If you can add distance control mission with change stroke distance
  5. Forwarding hand, keep hand face, similar back and forth stroke distance would help.

Enjoy Golf!

  • Some golfers enjoy Golf with spending money.
  • Some golfers make money with all efforts.
  • Not only play well but also enjoy well.
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