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To be a CPGA Class “A”

  • Playing Ability Test (PAT)
    • For two 18-hole rounds, should be the course rating plus 15 strokes.
  • Rules of Golf
  • Equipment Fitting Workshop
    • Club fitting program
  • National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)
    • Instructor of Beginner Golfers (IB)
    • Instructor of Intermediate Golfers (II)
  • PGA of Canada Core Competency Golf Modules
    • 5 PGA of Canada Core Competency Golf Modules
  • Formal Education
    • 3 year Business Diploma, PGM diploma, or a University degree with a business major
    • or
    • University degree other than Business or a 2 year diploma in any discipline with a 1 year business certificate from an accredited college or the Golf Management Institute of Canada online diploma
  • Working in the golf industry
    • a minimum of 3,000 hours of relevant workplace time during their training in six years.
  • Pathway for Tour Players
    • Core Competencies of PACE (Professional Advancement and Career Enhancement) Program
    • Entry Criteria (via PGA of Canada application process)
  • Darcy Kral
    • Management Director of Membership & Support Services
    • 519-853-5450 ext. 224


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