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  • CPGA Class “A” Membership since 2013

  • Coaching Golf since 2008 as a CPGA member

  • PGM (Professional Golf Management) Diploma at Camosun College in 2008

  • Blenkinsop Driving Range, Oxford Golf & Country Club, Ardmore Golf Course

  • MBA at University of Victoria


Golf Teaching Model

Click the image to watch My Swing Model

What do you want to improve?

“Back to Basic!” Basic is a key to be back to your last backup position.  If you have any bad feeling and result, please check from your basic.

  • Grip
  • Address
  • Aim
  • Alignment

My basic Power Swing model is Hank Haney’s Swing Model.  His best swing was accomplished by Tiger Woods.  Even though every pro golfers has different swing pattern, his swing analysis is reasonable, clear, and easy to understand.  I just add some parts

  • Grip and Stance
  • Swing Analysis
  • How to use Irons, Woods, Driver
  • My Clubs/ Sorting Clubs

My basic Short Game model is Dave Pelz’s Short Game Golf Theory.  And I have adjusted to my studetns.  For example, I three to four (Pitching, Gap/Sand, Lob) Wedges instead of five wedges to cover short distances.  

  • How to close from 40 to 100 yards
  • Chipping & Run from 10 to 40 yards
  • Sand, Rough, high, low shots

My basic Putting Module is Dave Pelz’s Putting Theory.  He wrote Putting Bible, about 270 pages.  Putting is important for manage your score.

  • Putter’s Types, Aim & Stance, Head/Shaft
  • Stroke Types
  • Speed/ Distance control
  • Impact Angle
  • Green Reading
  • 17 inch Rule

My basic Course management is come from PGA.  

  • Rules
  • Games
  • Course Managment
  • Fitting Clubs
  • Trouble Shot
  • Slice/Hook/Shank

Enjoy Golf!.  It is  Perfect Time!

Yes that’s right, CanadaPGA Academy has coached more than 1,000 students who were Canadian, American, Korean, Indian, Chinese, Japanese etc.

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