What do I need for the First Lesson Day?

There are three

What do I need for the first lesson day?

You can change the portfolio template very easily!  Any of our portfolio layouts can utilize any of the 1-6 column layouts.  Follow the steps below to change out the template.

  • Footwear – regular , non-slip athletic shoes and/or golf shoes preferred. Heels or open-toed shoes are a safety hazard and are to be avoided when golfing.

  • Golf Glove –  It is not must-have item at the first day but you will need against slippy grip because of sweat.

  • Golf Club(s) – 7 Iron is good enough at the first day. If you do not posses, just let me ask.  I will bring it.

  • The first day lesson – Depends on your golf level but Grip, Stance, Posture would be common

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